A Christmas Treat

The final Management Committee meeting was held this afternoon, and before it started we were treated to a Christmas gift from Shirin Lim and Janis Laurs – a number of violin/cello duets they presented as a thank-you for the support of the Friends throughout the year. It was a charming way to express their appreciation, and we all enjoyed this unorthodox start to our meeting.

Following the meeting we headed off to the Toptai Restaurant in the North Adelaide village for a relaxing end-of-year dinner with recently-retired committee members (and Hall of Fame inductees) Jill Hay and Peggy Whitson and our partners – lovely food and wine and, of course, excellent and erudite company!

I know Shirin and Janis were extending their thanks to you all through their performance to us. Likewise, we realise we can only do what we do for the Orchestra through the generous and enthusiastic support of our membership.

Thank you, and merry Christmas to you all!

About ASOFriends

The Friends of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Inc is a not-for-profit organisation that supports one of South Australia’s most valuable cultural assets by raising funds for the Orchestra and providing Friends with access in a variety of ways.
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