Tuesday 8 March at 11 am – Grainger Studio

Lucinda and Janis

FASO Cello Concert – Recital presented by Janis Laurs and Lucinda Collins, followed by lunch
This was a very successful event, with nett proceeds of $2,670 (including $335 raised in our most effective raffle to date) allowing us to contribute $2,700 to Janis for the Cello Festival


Thursday 31 March – Grainger Studio
Cello Festival rehearsal (2nd half) and reception with cello soloists

Tuesday 10 May
Langbein Quartet recital and lunch

Friday 3 June – Adelaide Town Hall
Open rehearsal – Master Series 3 Angels; morning tea, presentation by Peter Duggan and lunch

Friday 1 July
Open rehearsal

Sunday 10 July at 2:30 pm
Leonore Quartet recital followed by afternoon tea

Friday 5 August
Open rehearsal

Monday 29 August – Grainger Studio
Quiz Night

Sunday 11 September at 2 pm – Grainger Studio
Cameron Malouf and Friends recital followed by afternoon tea
Cameron will be joined by pianist Ed Kriek to perform Beethoven’s “Adelaide”, Sulek’s sonata “Vox Gabrieli” and more…

Sunday 16 October at 12 noon – Kooyonga Golf Club
Serenade – lunch
Performance by the Bacchanalia Quartet (Michael Milton, Emma Perkins, Rosi McGowran and David Sharp)



Monday 24 October at 6 pm – Grainger Studio
AGM (refreshments from 5:30 pm)

Friday 18 November
Open rehearsal for The Glory of Mahler concert

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